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'00 7.3PSD good engine for BD?

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I am looking at picking up a '00 7.3PSD Excursion for my wife and kids. I make BD but haven't been on the forums for over a year. Is this a good motor for BD? I didn't pay much attention before to other motors, I was running it in a '85 6.9, I miss that truck.
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You will be just fine running 100% bio or heated SVO in a 7.3. There are quite a few guys running bio & SVO in a 6.0 & yes the 6.0 injectors are less tolerant then the 7.3 & the engine itself has been a turd for many. I beleive that with some mods the 6.0 can become a very reliable engine though.

I wouldn't say no to a 6.0 but I would prefer the 7.3.
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