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'00 7.3PSD good engine for BD?

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I am looking at picking up a '00 7.3PSD Excursion for my wife and kids. I make BD but haven't been on the forums for over a year. Is this a good motor for BD? I didn't pay much attention before to other motors, I was running it in a '85 6.9, I miss that truck.
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I ran my 7.3 and my 6.0 on 100 percent biodiesel in spring, summer, fall. I blended with kero or diesel in winter. Never a fuel related problem with other than gelling in winter on extreemly cold days. Now I have the 6.7 but have not used any bio as of yet.
Stick with the 7.3. Just like Bunyua said, The injectors will work better for you. Especially if you start doing WVO instead of Biodiesel. My 7.3 did much better with miles per gallon also. I looked for a good used 7.3 before I bought the 6.7 but did not see anything apealing the time.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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