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Ok so ill give everyone the back story real quick.

I have a 2001 F350 XLT with cloth seats

In 2003 I upgraded those seats to power seats.
- When I upgraded to power seats I did not run a new power wire. Since my 2001 was at least fused for power and heated seats. I located the Power seat 30amp power wire.
- That wire is located on engine compartment Max 30 amp fuse #18 (Circuit 5298 or 568 as I recall) and Dark Green. It comes through the firewall and runs down the drivers side kick panel along the floor and then intersects with the power and ground wires that ran under the seat.
- The ground wire was coiled and attached to a ground stud behind the drivers side kick panel.

About a month ago I had a mouse get in and chew my seat wiring to shreds. I got some help and built my own harness and am good to go there, however since I had these seats all apart I decided to replace the foam and add HEAT.

So that brings me to the specific question.

In the engine compartment fuse box, there is a 30amp positive wire for Heated seats. My schematic says it is a 14 gauge wire RD/BK on circuit 1153, 30 Amp Max fuse, Location #15.

Where in the heck is this wire? I have literally tore the dash apart looking for this wire.
- I have verified the following with my fluke continuity tester.
- It is not part of the four customer access wires that drop on the right side of the interior fuse panel.
- It is not part of the tow
- I have checked the bundle that the Dark Green Power seat wire is in and there are no RD/BK wires in that bundle. I also poked the other 2 14 gauge (Yellow/Blue) wires in that bundle and verified they are not them.
-I have checked the three wire bundles behind the passenger side glove box and was unable to locate.
- I have verified it is not stored behind the compartment below the cigarette lighter.

I am looking for someone who knows which wire im talking about and knows where Ford stored them when not used by having the XLT Trim with cloth seats.

Yes I am aware that I can run an additional wire with a 30 amp fuse to the batter, but I would prefer to use the system and fuse that was designed for this.


Here is the diagram showing the wiring, but I need the specific location of the stored wire.

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