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'01 F350 won't start no wts no tach

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Hauling a load of straw and the truck died

2001 f350 won't start. No wts no tach no oil pressure no blown fuses

New idm,cps uvch,glow plugs gpr ipr

Truck will run when the idm is not bolted to the truck. But as soon as its ground it dies.

Is it the pcm or something else.
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How did you come up with your parts list? No WTS points to the PCM not getting power on all inputs. The most common cause is a shorted fuel heater with a subsequent blown fuse #30. Did you check that?

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Do you have a friend with a 7.3 that you can test the PCM with?

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Where are you at? Someone might be close by and willing to try to test their PCM in your truck.
I would suggest checking all the positive feeds to the PCM and IDM next. I suspect one isn't getting good power. Test them plugged in- sometimes with a bad contact you'll get 12 volts unloaded and it will drop to zero the second a load is placed. Grounds are that way too. A loading meter helps here.

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