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'01 F350 won't start no wts no tach

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Hauling a load of straw and the truck died

2001 f350 won't start. No wts no tach no oil pressure no blown fuses

New idm,cps uvch,glow plugs gpr ipr

Truck will run when the idm is not bolted to the truck. But as soon as its ground it dies.

Is it the pcm or something else.
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Yes I checked the fuel heater.
And all fuses and relays.
Parts were replaced cause I was not getting any Fire tru the gpr until the idm was unbolted. I have checked all the other stuff people say to check. No bare wires no blown fuses.
No I don't have anyone close by with one. I hate to buy a new ECM and it don't fix the problem. Came here to see if anyone else has has this problem
I know that's what's so odd that it will only run with the idm unbolted. And yes I get the wts light when unbolted.
I've checked all the grounds. Unplugged all sensors and cleaned connections. Nothing I try works
Took the ECM out of a friends truck. Did not fix the problem.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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