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'01 rear axle leak

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Several months ago, my '01 with the Dana 80 rear axle developed a leak from the pinion seal. I had a reputable shop replace the seal when doing some engine work. I drove home, and found the seal still leaking. I replaced the seal myself, cleaned the axle vent tube out (it was pretty clean already) and replaced the rubber hose. Test drove the truck, and it's still leaking.

The yoke looked okay, I didn't se any major damage or anything. No noticeable vibrations.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Is there any groove at all in the yoke? Did you clean the vent tubing and the port into the axle? Any chance the tubing is pinched under the retention clip? What brand seal did you get? Might need to put a repair sleeve on the yoke just to get the diameter up a tad. How did you get the torque on the pinion nut? Its like 675 foot pounds or something crazy, isn't it?
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