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01 surge with rough idle

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Hello everyone, I need some help. Ive done some research but cant come up with a starting point. My truck developed a new rough idle and a surge while driving. It doesn't do it under load or acceleration. It is worse with the cruise control on. At idle the RPM's drop 50 to a 100 but not all the time. It occures more often when warm then cold. No power loss noticed but I can raise the engine RPM to around 1300 to 1400 and notice a fairly constant miss. I have recently replaced all the glow plugs right side harness, changed the oil and looked for oil in the ICP connection. Can someone let me know where to go next. I was thinking the IPM but don't know where it is or how to test.
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First thing I would suspect would be a harness. Pull the valve covers and then look at each injector to make sure they are squirting oil. If you find an injector not squirting oil more than likely you have found the problem. Make sure the oil level is correct too. Have you pulled codes?
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