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I just bought an 01 f350 xlt and have had an 03 250 xlt and there are some differences in how the locks and lights operate.

In the 03 when you turn off the ign the int lights turn on.
Not so with the 01

In the 03 you can operate the locks with the key fob with the truck running.
IE lock it and walk away with the fob.
Not so with the 01.

In the 03 if you lock the doors outside with the fob the lights flash.
Not on the 01.

In the 03 if you hit the inside unlock button the dome light comes on.
Not in the 01.

Also the doors lock automatically in the 03 at a certain speed.
Not so in the 01.

Can this be changed or is it just that way ?
Can I update something or just live with it ?
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