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'02 F250 New HPOP/IPR/ICP etc. Runs rough when hot..

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New guy here, My 02' f250 just turned 300k and on the same day I lost my HPOP, IPR, ICP AND the #2 injector "O" rings. Replaced all of the above and now I have several issues: 1. High idle when at operating temp. and in gear(Auto) only. It starts and runs perfect when cold. 2. Runs rough and misses when at operating temp. 3. Extremely poor performance when it reaches OP temp. 4. What really has me confused is that there are no codes present.
I do not have access to an AE, but that will be changing within the next few months. For now I have all of you fine Americans to lend a hand to help a Texan in a time of need. Thank y'all in advances.
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First, never seen a scan tell you your injector is on its way out. Especially #8, it always fails. Boost leak is a good start. To be honest. I won't be giving any more advice on this one until you remove the Edge unit. No not un plugged. Harness right off the engine. 90% of the time I see an issue like this, its the Edge unit. They are prone to failure, mass numbers of them in both generations, and they cause all kinds of crazy engine related problems. My truck is the prime example. It was brought up from texas, totally stock except for an edge programmer. Beautiful truck real low mileage, no issues. Turns out the guy that brought it up here was selling because, yup you guessed it, it would run like crap when warm, and completely shut down for hours stranding him. He thought the truck was toast, and sold it to me real cheap. I removed the Edge that night. I drove that truck no issues for two years before I decided to do a power build. I then swindled Edge into replacing the unit with the new generation. THey did. Two months later. It packed it in and symptoms came back. Still have it sitting in a box if you know anyone who wants that junk. Take it off, drive without it. If its not the issue, we can go from there.
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