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03-04 Turbo Whistle

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I was wondering if anyone could possibly help. I just bought an 04, and want the awesome turbo whistle that the 03 and 04's have when I do exhaust. I have read that it was only the 03's and early 04's that have that really loud whistle. The ones with only 10 blades on the turbo. My truck has a mfg date of May/04. Would that be considered a late 04, one with 13 blades on the turbo?
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And of course if you want the whistle that bad, you can always go get a powermax, just installed one on an 06 and it screams just like the 03!!
whats a powermax?
i was reading that i could just find a turbo off of an 03 and that would work.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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