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03-04 Turbo Whistle

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I was wondering if anyone could possibly help. I just bought an 04, and want the awesome turbo whistle that the 03 and 04's have when I do exhaust. I have read that it was only the 03's and early 04's that have that really loud whistle. The ones with only 10 blades on the turbo. My truck has a mfg date of May/04. Would that be considered a late 04, one with 13 blades on the turbo?
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IIRC any truck built after 9/22/03 is considered a late 04, and has the updates. I'm sure on the month and year, and I think 22nd was the day...
And of course if you want the whistle that bad, you can always go get a powermax, just installed one on an 06 and it screams just like the 03!!
Garretts "performance" version of the 6.0 turbo. I'm not sure off all the specs, but I do know that both the 03/04 and the 04.5/later version have a 10 blade exhaust wheel which is where the whistle comes from. Do a google search and you can find everything you need to know.
I believe its a Garrett GT3788VA
That's what I did with my 05, the only thing with that is that you also need the pedistal from the 03 engine because the rear bolt location is different. Most important, you need to find a good condition 03 turbo....
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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