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03 6.0 Question

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I am looking at a 03 6.0 and I was wondering what build dates, if any, should I avoid. I will run an OASIS on the truck to see what has been done to it. Any other things that I need to look for on the early 6.0's? Thank in advance for your help.
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I bought my truck last year and the Oasis showed that 1 injector was replaced in Oct '03 and another in Nov '03. Also there was a decal recall done. The build date is May 12, 2003.

Now I've got oil dilution and the truck went to a dealer a couple of weeks ago where the service manager and mechanic looked it over and identified several items that had been replaced with updated parts. This included the EGR. They also indicated that the engine appears to have been removed from the truck. The paint is damaged or gone on the heads of all of the bolts for the frontend around the radiator.

I raised the question about work done but not reflected in an Oasis report, is this a possiblity? They seem to think so in this case, in light that 2 injectors had been replaced but no flashes had occurred. This truck had the original calibration until a few weeks ago.

So the bottom line is that I've got a truck and have no idea what's been done to it before I bought it. It had 8,691 miles on it when I bought it and has run fine for the past year now with 19,855 miles.

It's just got the fuel in the oil problem and is going to get 5 new injectors in about a week. I wish that I could get the last old injector replaced and had thought about paying the $400 for it myself. It would be pretty simple to install it since they have to tear down the engine for the others anyway.

It's also getting a new turbo pedestal, and clutch hydraulic system.

Just a note about Carfax too: My other F-350 was reported as the original mileage but when I received the title it had that the mileage exceeded mechanical limits. The title was correct and Carfax was wrong but I failed to purchase the $5,000 protection from Carfax. The dealer and I had a pow-wow and they were on a legal hotseat for selling a vehicle with a defective mileage report. They tried to buy the truck back but I kept it anyway and when I traded it for the 2003 I got more for it than I paid.
It just shows that you can't really believe some of the reports that you get.

Capt Ron
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