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03 6.0 Question

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I am looking at a 03 6.0 and I was wondering what build dates, if any, should I avoid. I will run an OASIS on the truck to see what has been done to it. Any other things that I need to look for on the early 6.0's? Thank in advance for your help.
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Before about May(ish) of 2003 build dates, they came with the goofy C94 injectors. You should definitely run an OASIS report on any used truck, but pay special attention to whether any injectors have been replaced on a truck that early, and when any reflashes were done. On the early trucks, it's possible that an "OASIS printout as long as your arm" could be seen as a *good* thing, since that means the early problems were addressed.

It would appear that the reflash that got rid of pilot injection also minimized the possibility of the C94 injectors failing. I had one fail and get replaced right around the time that reflash was done, and no more have failed... YET... on my 12/2002 build date truck.

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