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03 7.3 powerstroke Loss of power

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Ok guys, I have a 2003 Ford Powerstroke with the 7.3 in it. It's got about 320k on it. And up till last week she ran like a scalded dog. I have replaced the turbo since I bought it, replaced the upper hpop line, changed the oil. Changed the CPS 4 months ago.
I'll get to the meat of it. I ran out of gas a few days ago because my tank only lets me get down to 1/4 tank before it thinks it is empty. So I added a little oil (she was a little low but not enough to have it shut down) and I put some diesel in it and some seafoam just incase I picked anything up. Now it idles and runs at low speed no problem, but any hill I go up or anything over say 20 mph, I have no power.
I dropped the tank and someone prior to me had already removed the screens from the tank
I pulled and changed the filter, added seafoam to the bowl and tried that to no avail.
Drained the bowl and tested the pump, it's sending just fine.
I had the Ebpv deleted so that's not the issue, like I said turbo is barely a year old.
Icp is not plugged in currently, I need to change the pigtail, but that was not an issue before this happened.
I pulled the EBP sensor and the tube has some crud in it but definitely not enough to affect the performance the way it is.
Any help would be awesome
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@Davidegulledge: If someone has removed the in-tank screens and not installed a pre-pump filter, the pump inlet may be clogged with crud. There's a screen there to protect the pump, but if it's clogged, you won't get full fuel flow. I would check the fuel delivery to the filter in the engine valley.
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