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So i'm not new to performing routine maintenance on my 2003 F250 6.0 powerstroke diesel. However, i am new to searching for replacement parts after routine maintenance goes horribly wrong.

PROBLEM: after receiving the WIF (water in fuel) light, i ordered new filters for both the rail mounted filter and engine compartment filter. i unfortunately had the stock fuel drain valve still installed and had it stripped out on me. during the process of removing it, the soft aluminum housing that holds the WIF sensor and fuel heater broke apart around the valve area.

(hopefully) THE SOLUTION: I need some assistance from you other members. hopefully this hasnt happened to you. but if it has, is there any way to order just that assembly area and what part number am i looking for. i have spent hours researching a new fuel filter housing assembly. my only other option i can think of is to visit a local junk yard here on cape cod and borrow one off a similar truck. i just really only need the part that is held on by the four small bolts that has the four fuel lines intersecting into the filter area.

ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. if you live on cape cod and can assist any further. i'm willing to go as far as to buy some cold beers for help.
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