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04 f-250 4x4 front hub bearings and other

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I'm new to the site and posting. I just recently purchased and 04 f-250 with 42,000 miles. I have heard that the hub bearings go out on these. Can anyone tell me how I will know when they go out and about what mileage does it usually occur. Also any other help on problems with 04 that I need to be aware of.

Thanks for your help
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front hub needle bearing service

I downloaded the procedure for servicing the front hubs from this site. Unfortunately, my computer has been less dependable than 04 headgaskets, so I can't send it to you. I'm sure you can do a search, or another member can point the way. the complete service for both sides (I have an 04 F250 4x4 6.0, stock.) took me right at 3 hrs. I could easily do it way quicker now that I am more familiar with the procedure. I bought the O rings from Ford. If I remember right, was about 70 bucks for the rings for both sides. I had about 90K on the truck, and the left side needle bearings were just about dry. no damage to the shaft, which was way good. I think the site that had the procedure was Grumpy's. the trick with the putty knife really worked well. Good luck with it.

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