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Little history on my truck…
I purchased it from a guy that “lost interest” and was told to come drive it away. So I did!
For the price I knew I would have to do a little work to it.
I ended up blowing coolant out the degas bottle, so here is the list:
New XDP heads to the tune of $2200 +\-
New SMP oil cooler: $2000
New EGR delete
New injector harness
ARP head studs
IPR pigtail
Reman turbo (stock)
5” turbo back exhaust
S&B intake
SCT-x4 tuner (used for gages/data log)

All this within the last 1-2 months.

My issue is…. I was driving down the road at 55-60 mph when my truck lost all power and Would not accelerate, like it wouldn’t get out of its own way.
Had to floor it to get it to do anything and I ended up coasting till it finally died.
Tried to start it and it didn’t even try to fire. Would crank all day long but wouldn’t run.

Has fuel pressure, and oil psi goes to 1600 when cranking. … will be heading to the shop here in a bit to get all the details and percentages etc…
Just curious if anyone would have a clue as to what could be going on… I just dumped over $5,000 into this thing and I’m pulling my hair out.
Just went to the shop, they told me I had no high pressure oil? The “mechanic” said that it was hitting 1600 psi right away when cranking… that was after it broke down and was towed to his shop. He tested the pressure supposedly and said yesterday it had pressure, but today it doesn’t? I’m confused… do they have pressure one minute and not the next?
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