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04 Torqshift cold start upshift issues

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Truck is an 04 F250 with a Torqshift auto. Approximately 100k miles on it. When the ambient air temp is anything below 60 degrees, and the truck has been sitting overnight, the tranmission will not upshift until you back out of the throttle, it will then upshift and do the same thing through all the gears. Once it has cycled through the gears (or warmed up) it will shift normally for the rest of the day.

If the truck is left idling to warm up for a long enough period of time, it will shift normally the first time out.

When it won't upshift until the throttle is released, it will hold that gear all the way to redline (with or without a load on it) After the truck has been run, or when the ambient air temp is warm, it acts normally. This isn't a big problem to me, but I'm curious if there is a solution to it?
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I had the same issue. Had 2 fuel injectors bad and the Fuel Injection Computer (FICM) was bad. These trucks are based so heavily on computers, it affected how the transmission shifted. Once mine was warm transmission shifted fine. Hope this helps, at least a place to start.
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