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I have a 2005 f350 6.0 .
Had a high pressure leak.
Change the all the seals.
But the truck back together.
When to Crack over the motor.
It crack over 4 times 30 - 40 sec each Crack.
Then just a single click.
Thought but battery's need to be charged.
Charged them both up..something
Pulled the remote wire to the starter.
Same thing
Thought bad starter. But a new one on.
Same thing
When and got a new ignition switch
Same thing.
Already check all the fuses. All good.
Changed starter relay .. same thing
Is there any fusible links? If so where at ?
I need of some help here.


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Welcome to TDS.

The next thing I would do is put a breaker bar on the engine and make sure it rotates freely.
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