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05 F-250 stuck in 4 low

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i took my truck off road and put it in 4x4 hi goin up a hill side got to the top and thought i would put it in 4 low so i didnt have to use the brake that much coming down. work great when i got to the bottom it didnt shift back out i tried all the tricks ppl say to do DID IT ALL i took that plat off with the little engage motor on it took it all apart ( STUPID ) i after i did that i thought hey ill put it back together and use a 12v drill battery on it IT WORKED FINE put it back on the truck and tried no work so i thought ill use the 12v battery and see if it worked so i turn the key on put it in nutral got under there and it worked so i hooked it all back up then drove it and thought ill see if it works it engages in 4x4 wont come back out played with it more went in 4 low and wont come back out so i use the 12v battery again to take it out and unpluged the switch on the dash......can anyone tell me why it engages with the switch but will not disengage with the switch
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That system can be a real pain to diagnose without a computer, I tried for hours to figure out why my 4x4 wouldn't engage at all, which was a broken wire, but the computer told me the error code so I knew where to look. It could be a bad relay under the hood though if it only goes one direction. A scan tool will tell you that also. I had to borrow a friends scanner to figure that one out. There will be codes stored that won't turn on the Check Engine Light.
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