It's a 2005 Ford F-350 single cab 4 by 4 with a 6.0 automatic flatbed it has lots of new parts donate it still don't run transmission I put all 7 solenoids in it new EGR oil cooler i PR lots of new parts still not running I'm not a diesel mechanic can't figure it out I can't figure it out I'll sell it as is 45 hundred the truck is really clean inside and out got like brand new tires on it and I got a 96 but b a single cab with no bed with 7.3 turbo diesel that quit running on me and it's for sale 45 hundred I'll make somebody a good deal I'm both trucks they want both trucks I'll make him a good deal phone number is 970 442 0 693 another phone is 541 363 575 1 you can ask Jeff and Audrey anytime thank you I live in Oregon Lakeview