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05 Oil Leak ?

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I just bought an 05 F-350 DRW King ranch I love the truck but it has 500 miles on it and it's leeking at the rear main seal. I am getting dime to quarter sized drops coming out of the bell housing. I can't believe it. I have been reading the posts on this sight an I thought the rear main problem had beed fixed. Ths sticker on the door has a build date of 04/05.I just traded an 03 duramax 3/4 ton. It ran great no problems but I like Ford. I may have made a 52,300.00 dollar mistake.
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You won't know for sure if it is an oil leak until you have the dealer put dye in it first.

Mine had the stain and drop on the bellhousing. It was not coming from inside the motor - it was assembly lube. So - don't jump to any conclusions - find out for sure before you cry wolf.
At 10,000 mine is showing less and less of stain. If you are at all concerned have dealer put dye in motor - then you will know for sure if you have a leaky motor. If dye does not show up on outside of motor, then you do not have a leaky motor and should not worry.

There have been some rear main leaks, but most of the bellhousing stains have turned out not to be leaking motors. Mine runs like a champ and I have never had to add a drop of oil or noticed any drop in oil level between oil changes. Even if the stain continues, I am not going to worry because I know my motor is tight.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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