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06E17 or not?

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i may not have a choice considering its on my registration renewal... took awhile but they have got me. my truck has NEVR been flashed, runs great (although i think it has started to leak from the rear main, seen this yesterday), but still engine wise... runs well. truck has had some romps on cold starts - and i know this flash will fix this. guess my concern is, will it cause other things to go wrong on the truck? i am of the "if it isnt broke dont fix it " mindset, and i dont want to be opening up a can of worms because of a flash. any thoughts?
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It's OK. It is my second reflash: I got the October '03 reflash to get rid of the cold weather romps and no turbo boost if I let it idle before driving. In the process I lost the PI but retained the agressive T/H mode and mileage improved. Three years later I had it in for warranty repairs and without asking they installed the 06E17. The downside was a less-agressive T/H mode but mileage didn't change any. Given my pick, I would rather still have the October flash.
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