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06E17 or not?

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i may not have a choice considering its on my registration renewal... took awhile but they have got me. my truck has NEVR been flashed, runs great (although i think it has started to leak from the rear main, seen this yesterday), but still engine wise... runs well. truck has had some romps on cold starts - and i know this flash will fix this. guess my concern is, will it cause other things to go wrong on the truck? i am of the "if it isnt broke dont fix it " mindset, and i dont want to be opening up a can of worms because of a flash. any thoughts?
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Wer..surprised ca. dmv missed you till now. You still have..OEM p.i. (pilot injection) if a/t..orig. tow/haul program.'ll get 2 open recal. Read here..6.0 PowerStroke bulletins Should include the updated inductive flash. Brief....

1- Reflash will eliminate..p.i. If a/t..t/h 3/2 dshift will be softer. You may also notice a diff. in how tq.converter locks/unlocks. Generic scanners can read DTCs etc.

2-Deletes EBP. Turbo cycles etc. which maybe a + ? Also..did you do batt. connection recall?

I held out till 11/06 & got both at one time which included the orig. f.i. (buzz) after shutdown. You'll get the f.i. inductive flash with no noise after shutdown. Anyhow...

Pros...I noticed no real loss of hp/mpg. Romps/lots smoke on startups..hesitation/jerk shifting D/R & R/D fixed. I suspect p.i. delete fixed romps, but also got the f.i.(buzz) flash for cold starts etc.

Cons..lost p.i. which I wanted & paid for=:nono::ford:. Preferred oem t/h program, but can manual dshift.

Yeah, I know the feeling on reflashing. Early on & for awhile a real mess. Im ok. Good luck!
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Wer..ok. Good luck!

Mist..I recall past reports on reflashing..loss of power/detuning..mpg. When did yours get reflashed?

I was able to NOT have mine reflashed till 11/06. Obvious concerns, but overall ok. (pros/cons)

Best I could tell (post flash) standing starts..pedal to metal & OTR passing etc..power maybe just a tad less. Dont know how to describe 50 hp loss. Like I said..I didnt notice a "real drop" in power. Also my mpg are still fairly consistent pre/post flash. Still wierd how reflashing works. Have you thought about a tuner? Good luck!
wer..t. cycling is normal. Is buzz sound new, meaning not fuel pump noise while WTSLight on? I assume you noticed e. is louder at idle? Good reflash (overall) ok for you.

btw..yeah, DMV certainly wierd!
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