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06E17 or not?

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i may not have a choice considering its on my registration renewal... took awhile but they have got me. my truck has NEVR been flashed, runs great (although i think it has started to leak from the rear main, seen this yesterday), but still engine wise... runs well. truck has had some romps on cold starts - and i know this flash will fix this. guess my concern is, will it cause other things to go wrong on the truck? i am of the "if it isnt broke dont fix it " mindset, and i dont want to be opening up a can of worms because of a flash. any thoughts?
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I've was having nasty startup and idle romps including while at stoplights. Decided it was time to do something about it. Dealer tried the first time and failed. The second time they flashed it against my orders not to. I do NOT have any of the problems that i experienced prior to the flash, but I've lost about 1 mile in fuel economy and some hp. I don't work the truck hard in terms of towing and heavy loads, so the final result is better than what is WAS doing. But I'd be unhappy of I relied on the original hp.
I have 190k on the truck now and have been very satified overall.
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