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06E17 or not?

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i may not have a choice considering its on my registration renewal... took awhile but they have got me. my truck has NEVR been flashed, runs great (although i think it has started to leak from the rear main, seen this yesterday), but still engine wise... runs well. truck has had some romps on cold starts - and i know this flash will fix this. guess my concern is, will it cause other things to go wrong on the truck? i am of the "if it isnt broke dont fix it " mindset, and i dont want to be opening up a can of worms because of a flash. any thoughts?
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I wouldn't do it. The dealer flashed my 2004 and killed the power and economy. I took it in for a turbo and asked before I took it to them if it had to be flashed. They said it didn't, so I brought the truck in and made it perfectly clear that I did not want it flashed. They did it anyway. The truck is a slug now. At least 50 HP went away and 1 mpg. Once they flash it, there is no going back to what you had before. I believe that the tech enters the vin number of your truck and Ford sends them the current flash for "your" truck.
The induction heat flash does help it start better when it is cold but detuning the engine is not worth it. I did some data logging to try and find what happened (they didn't tell me that they had flashed the truck) and found the injection timing in the negative numbers. I'm guessing that is part of the detuning strategy.
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