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Ive recently been having this issue with my 08 f350 6.4 with single manual heater controls, the heat works great just I noticed recently that almost all the air flow is coming out of my foot vents and very little on my windshield while i'm trying to defrost the truck. I have the actuator removed (the one above the throttle pedal) and I proved that it works but it looks like something is sized in side of my heater.

I have an old actuator from my blend door that I took apart to use the output gear to try and turn the dial on the heater box, I managed to get it to move about a quarter turn by hand and it moved the heat to the face position but it stopped solid. I tried to move it both ways but it seems to come up hard I put vice grips on the gear to try and turn it past the hard spot but i just broke the gear. So it seems like theres something either broken off inside thats preventing it from moving or something like a pen fell down the defrost vent and lodged it self.

I guess i'm just wondering if any one has had a problem like this before and if someone has an idea of another way to fix this with out pulling the whole dash, Ford couldn't get to it till next week and i'm going on a trip monday and it would be nice to have better defrost

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