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'08 F450 idle drops while idling, stopping

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I have a n 08 F450 with a reman engine 10K ago. Running H&S Mini Max and cold air intake, DPF deleted.
Once a month or so, when idling thru an intersection, the truck will stall. I have always been able to put in neutral and start and keep on going.
Last week it stalled at a light and didn't restart. After about 5 minutes and after I changed settings on tuner, it did start.
I did an update on the tuner after 2 years hoping there was a problem with the program. I put Diesel Kleen in too, hoping for a solution.
It seems to happen around the same intersection on my way home from work. The engine is warm when this happens.
Drove around today, thought it was okay, but once warm, it started acting up. Sitting at a stop light, it dropped rpms about 50. Just for a second or so, then rebounded to sound normal. Then it did it again, just about to the point of stalling. I had to double foot it to keep it running. It never did stall, but was really close.
This truck, which I really like, has been trouble since I got it 3 years ago. I bought it with 107 miles on her. Figured it would be all I would need to pull my 16000 lb 5th wheel trailer full time. A month later an emission sensor went bad causing the truck to go into limp mode. Took it to the shop to find out there was fuel in the oil. Mechanic couldn't find out why, and talked me into the dpf delete and tuner, hoping it was a sensor putting truck into regen mode causing the fuel in the oil. Didn't fix it. 3000 miles later the engine blew, Burnt a valve. $12000 later here I am. Low pressure fuel pump, serpentine belt and tensioner replaced since.
Like I said, I got this truck for full timing a rv and really don't need to wonder or worry about it dying on me while towing.
This truck is fun, powerful and tows like a champ. Please tell me your thoughts on what this may be. I do not have any mechanic skills and under the hood is confusing, So talk accordingly please. Thanks y'all.
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clean your MAP and clean your EBP Sensor. You may consider cleaning the tube the EBP Sensor sits in, too...
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