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10.25 rear disc brake conversion

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Hey everyone. I'm new to posting but have been viewing since I got my truck 11-98. It was used, had 21k, it's still a baby with 81k now. What my son Robert and I did was installed disc brakes from a 99 E-350 diesel van with a Dana 60 axle onto my 10.25 Sterling. It took lots of planning (still missed a thing or two), parts hunting, very good luck in finding a cheap donor axle, friends with a machine shop and 4.5 days to do it. It's all on our new web site my son got for Christmas,, in the miscellaneous section. He will be adding all the stuff we are doing to the site when he can, 77 F-150 restoration, his 78 E-150 conversion to 4X4 and my other son Mike's monster offroad S-10, yeah a Chevy, oh well, he has fun with it. Check it out, we havn't heard of this being done before but I'm sure someone must have done it too.
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Welcome to the site.

Cool keep us in tune. What did y'all do about a master cylinder?
Nothing, used the original one and proportioning valve. We checked with Greenway Ford here in Orlando, the parts guy looked up the numbers for each and they matched those for a 97 SuperDuty. Remember they had rear disc dual piston calipers on the Dana 80 axles. Got lucky again.
I got my kit from TSM to the same thing on my 97 rear end. What did you do for a E-brake?
Jeff -- With any of the disc brake conversions out there, you can keep the OEM master cylinder. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Stan -- Your conversion looks real nice. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif The master cylinder for an F-250/350 has a smaller bore than an F-Super Duty. I would have the guy at Greenway check again.

Happy New Year from Tulsa, OK! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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I will run by Greenway again this week when I check on the dust/splash shields and ask about the MC again. Will let all know what I find. In our artical it shows using the e-brake system that came on the Dana 60 axle. It has little drum brakes inside of the rotors just like my sons 01 F-250. Like we said in the artical this swop not easy but doable if your willing to cut on your axle. I must admit I had butterflies in my stomach Thursday morning when I began cutting off the old brake flanges. Up to that point I could have put it all back together. Felt sick again Friday morning when I found the interferance between the larger hub and e-brake shoes and return springs. Sometimes even when you think you have it all figured out sxxx happens. Robert and I all ways seem to be able to sort stuff out. He is a UCF knowitall.
Made it by Greenway Ford today. Watched the monitor as the parts guy buzzed through the screens on his computer. He came up with # F6TZ-2140-FB for the master cylinder,again for both a F-350 and F-450. Same with the proportioning valve, # F8UZ-C161-AA. All 1997. Like Dave Bey I don't quite believe it. Will try to check with Heintzelman Ford this week too, they only deal in trucks and vans. Mayby they can shed some light on this.

The reason I don't believe now is because when I bought the E-350 D-60 axle I took off the master cylinder from the same van just in case I needed it for a core. I looked at it closer tonight, it has a 1 5/16" bore, my F-350 has 1 1/4" bore. For the heck of it I looked at my sons 2001 F-350, he has a 1 3/8" bore. Neat thing they have the size cast in the housing side.

Did find out no shields came on the vans. By chance a plummer from Rainaldi Plumbing came to our office today in a 2000 E-250. Got to look under it, same axle, brake system and no shields. Got to thinking about our 450's and 550's in our yard. All the 2001 450's and 2004 550's had shields. But the 2002 550's did not! Only difference in the 550's was the caliper locations, 2002 in front of axle, 2004 behind it. But the 450's were in front of the axle and had shields. Very confusing. Why? Who knows?

Hate the thought of water hitting hot rotors with all the rain we get here, could warp them. Looked at sons F-350 again, axle flange and caliper brakets look same as van, only calipers has fins for cooling. And it has shields, now if he will only let me take one off to test fit it to my truck.
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Stan -- F6TZ-2140-FB is the correct part number for some F-250 and F-350 trucks with speed control. F4TZ-2140-C is the part number I have for the F-Super Duty master cylinder. The F-Super Duty had the 1 5/16" bore like the van.

I have an F-Super Duty master cylinder in the box waiting for my Hydro-Boost conversion if you want to take a look at it. I will be back in Orlando next week.

Cheers from Tulsa, OK! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Dave, that would be great, I live in Winter Springs, Seminole County, not that far from you. Let me know when you get back in Orlando and perhaps we can get together on a weekend.

I made it to Heintzelman Ford, met a good parts guy, Al Van Wye, He knew what he was doing. Confirmed the proportiong valves are the same, the 99 van axle had no shields, and got part numbers for SuperDuty shields, they run about 15 bucks apiece. Once I confirm they will fit by measuring my sons 01 F-250 I'll get them, much easier than trying to fab them. He gave me # F812-2K004-CD (RT) and F812-2K005-CD (LT) for them. Didn't have time to explore the master cylinder so I'm glad Dave cleared that up. I took some prints of the conversion, seemed impressed, was showing them around.

Went to 4 Wheel Parts store ordered stainless brake hoses by Skyjacker, 138 bucks for all three, will pick up saturday. They told me Amazon Hose in Orlando can make up the short hoses needed at the calipers. Will post how that goes.

Still I wonder how big of a difference a 1/16" would make in the master cylinder bore in how the brakes work and how much pedal pressure is needed. My truck has 1 1/4" the van had 1 5/16". Any ideas?
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id been wanting to do this myself.

i have some questions for you on it.

what about using the calipers and ebrake assy off a superduty and the E350 rotors? i would imagine the hubs on the 10.25 and 10.50 would be pretty close to the same to save the spring and shoe modifications. i can get the custom caliper bracket flame cut then tig it on to the axle housing. did the ebrake come with the pads, backer, and all the other little parts too?


looks like some good work on it.
Been busy this weekend, did spend 8 hours fabricating two splash shields and today put on stainless steel braided teflon brake lines on the rear axle. Used Skyjacker, Earls, Russell and Aeroquip parts to do it. Nothing is easy. Will update the site this week with more pictures and what I found out from Ford on shields. Front is next.

Barebackjake, the van axle I got was complete with the e-brake backing plate, worn shoes and all springs and adjusters. I replaced the shoes with Raybestos ones from Partsamerica. The pads I got came with the rebuilt loaded calipers. Good question on the rotor. Time to pull my sons F-250 wheel off again and measure his rotor, still got the old ones off the van axle to compare. Will post findings.

Still need to get with Dave(went brain dead, thought he was a Steve) to measure his 450 master cylinder to see if it will fit a vac booster. That 1/16" larger bore must make a difference.
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