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Hi all! Just bought a 1995 CCLB XL 7.3 so begins the project I've wanted to start for the past 3 years, because the engine/transmission build I want to do will be so expensive I want to start with the lift. I want to do a 12" lift, with 38.5" or 40" inch tires. I know that I will need custom springs, and drive shafts made. I also know I will need traction bars, but I am curious what other mods and or considerations I need to take into account. I've seen a lot of good things about PMF's Reverse shackle kit, is it worth investing in if I already have the D60 axle? Do I need to do anything with my transfer case to make sure 4wd still works? Are 4.10's ok or will I need some heavier duty gears? Has anyone undertaken a project like this? Or what have you seen or heard of other folks doing? Any and all input is appreciated. To completely finish this project will probably be another year or two to get a fully built 7.3, ZF5 swap, and custom interior. But for now I would just like to focus on lifting it. Thanks for your input!
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