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'14 F350 sunroof whistles

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I have a '14 F-350 Lariat with a sunroof and 19,000 miles. With the roof closed, in colder temps, I have a squeal/whistle from wind noise at highway speeds that appears to come from my roof when it's closed. I've cleaned the front edge/seal of the glass pane, thinking maybe it wasn't sealed against the roof panel. That worked at first but the whistle is back when the temps drop.

Does anyone know how to adjust the sunroof? I'd like to adjust it so that it pushes up against the roof a little tighter.

I'm not excited about taking my truck to the dealer only to have them hand it back and tell me they didn't hear anything.

Does anyone know how to adjust the sunroof?



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when i used to work at the dealer, which was quite some time ago. there was a re initialization for the switch, it was to start with sunroof closed, then open it while holding the switch(3 seconds after its fully open) and close it the same way. that was to re learn the "auto" open/close feature.

sounds like your problem is with the adjustment screws theres 2 small machine screws on either side that can adjust the glass to the opening probably need some tweaking.

IMO take advantage of the warranty. Also if the dealer finds out you messed with it, they have no liability for any leaks. you will own any mistake made, they kind of suck. Take the service advisor for a ride with you. odds are you need a dealer with a body shop and talk to the body shop manager. they will cover it.
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