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Hello 1st time posting need some help with this really strange case for this 99 f350 7.3:
You accelerate and let go of the throttle and depress the pedal again and the rpm needle will barely move and Ipr% goes to 65
Once you let rpm drop and it dips below 1500 you will feel a jerk and the icp pressure rise around 2000 to 3000psi For an instant​
The truck has a new oem icp&cps, standard ipr valve and standard injection pump​
I put the old ipr valve to see if that would improve but it still had the same symptoms​
I forgot to mention that the app and throttle validation pids show that the pedal isnt at fault at least to my knowledge i can shoot a video of that upon request.​
Heres a link to a video i made showing it in action:​
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