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Alright i will try to explain this as much as possible of what my problem may be, im not really great with cars so please feel free to tell me to re-explain if this isnt good enough.


I recently had been replacing my calipers on the car for the back. parts took forever to order and two months later i finally got the things on and working like a charm. But this isnt were my problem started...i dont think?....i get in the next day to drive the car around get a feel for it again and i noticed im loosing power (around 15mph or so) and when i get close to 20mph black smoke starts pouring out a lot more than when i would for example slam on the gas pedal to accelerate faster. So my problem is that i have no idea what could be the problem. I had someone tell me to check the air filter which i did, and held that up to the light and i will be changing it tomorrow. Im just wondering if that isnt the case can someone please give me a another reason as to why this is happening?


-- car sat for two months while fixing breaks
-- stuttering and loss of power + black smoke pours out when accelerate
-- changing air filter tomorrow.
-- any other reasons?

thank you for your future help anyone!

[EDIT] went to a fuel injection shop in my hometown and the guy looked at my EGR valve and pulled a little hose off from it, he said that it did have something to do with the EGR valve and it was messing up but since i didnt need to have it smogged i could undo the hose and be totally fine. to be honest that was amazing it cleared up my entire problem! i have no more problem but i will eventually look at why the EGR valve is doing what it was.
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