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Hello everyone I'm a new to the forum
Hope this is where to ask my question.Our old L8000 county plow truck 1982 has me stumped .Its a 3208 w allison trans single rear axel.It sat inside barn last to yrs and the other day I had to move it
I noticed that when I push in yellowPark/release knob it instantly dumps large amount of air out of the firewall mountd brake valve and instantly the air pressure drops to 60 and knob pops out.No air hissing or leaking then and it builds back up to 120lbs.Oviously something must be sticking.I already listened to local ford guy/ mechanic .He said to replace that brake valve on firewall.I did to the tune of 379.00 and 2hrs work only to still have same problem.Parking brake holds air.Cant hear any leaks until u hit yellow knob in and WOOSH out the dump.valve on brake valve again.Its not used on road it's just our driveway plow and machinery hauler to fields.Any helpful ideas.You can reach here or at [email protected]
Thanks again in advance
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