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I'm new on this platform but need some help with an 85 International 6.9L diesel in a Ford E350 Econolinee RV (non-turbo). I installed new fuel return hoses/clamps on 2-4-6-8 injectors due to a leaking hose. All was okay-started, idled okay. Then it started, idled for a bit then died at idle. I replaced the fuel filter, bled the filter air. Same- started, then died after a minute. I added fuel stabilizer to fuel in rear tank that has recently- added fuel. It still starts, then dies at idle affter about a minute on both tanks. Have read a thread on this platform from 2016, but not sure what I should do.

Update- found fuel tank selection valve leaking fuel, am replacing. Could this limit fuel flow and air in fuel line?

Any suggestions are welcome


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