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I bought this truck a year ago and a half ago. I have changed almost everything in the engine compartment related to starting, fuel, seals, belts and hoses. I am having a problem while driving where she cavitates and dies. There is a strong metal on metal smell from the engine compartment (she leaks oil but I keep her full...not over full). The smell worsens when I remove the air filter. At this point the smell and smoke is pouring out of the air intake on the block itself. She wont start till the air is worked out through turning the starter. This takes up to 10 min...
10 sec starting...2 min waiting for starter to cool.

I am trying to figure out what the cause of this is for a couple reasons; do I drop a rebuilt 6.9l in, is it worth it for me to rebuild my own block (is the boar for the cylinders in the block still good), or do I upgrade to a 7.3l?

My wife and I have a truck bed camper and a trailer and am a traveler. I plan on adding leaf springs for added suspension and am about to do the ujoints. The 6.9l has 170 peak horsepower reaching 180 with a turbocharge.
The 7.3l has peak horsepower of 180 reaching 190 with a turbo charger.
This does seem like that much of a difference then the factory 6.9l. What are your thoughts?
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