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1990 E350 No Go!!!

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1990 E350 Ex Ambulance. Has 63K Original miles. Thanks to all that got me up and running with the Glow Plug issue. You have tons of knowledge and experience. Have routinely been starting in -30 degree weather mornings!

Last night driving along going up a slight grade, lost power. Sounded like gurgling or cavitating (if that makes sense) Got over to side of road and stood on brake. Shifted into reverse, drive (all ranges) nothing at all. So I had a friend tow me home.

Next morning, no go any gear. Engine just revs up. Fluid is bright and clear red color, no burnt smell. Just looking for guidance. I did check Ring and pinion, its OK (did find bad u joint though!). I believe its the E40D. Called local tranny shop (over the phone diagnosis is $2800, Ford is $2300 plus labor, and Ebay has ads for $1000-1300.

ANY SUGGESTIONS, hate to think it may be something stupid. Convertor only? best way to driveway Diagnose? Really don't want to stimulate economy that much. ANYONE HAVE ONE FOR SALE???

As usual, ask all questions and thanks in advance!!!
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Might consider having a helper/wife sit in the truck (engine running) with the brakes held and the transmission in gear. Make sure the problem is in the transmission, not the rearend. If the problem is indeed the transmission, the driveshaft will not be spinning. If something in the rearend gave up, the driveshaft will be spinning but the tires won't be moving.
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