Up for sale is my classic 1990 Ford F250. It is a 4x4, Extended Cab, LWB/Long Bed, and has the 7.3l IDI Diesel Motor, with an aftermarket ATS Turbo. It has the E4OD transmission, and the "Lariat" trim level, with cloth captain's seats. Buy it now and put it to work for another 20 years, or restore it into it's classic-truck glory.

The truck had about 80,000 miles when I purchased it in around 2001. I believe that was original miles at the time, as it didn't seem like a 180,000 mile truck, but I can't be certain. Right now she shows about 28,000 miles, so I put roughly 50,000 miles on her in 20 years. The ATS turbo seems to have been professionally installed, and gives great power and performance. The Gearbox is tight and shifts well. Has original manual locking hubs for the 4x4. Brakes are strong.

Truck starts, runs and drives very well. Paint work is either "rough" or "classic patina" depending on your point of view. There is some flaking and surface rust, but no frame or serious rust that I know of. Has a Warn winch mount/brush guard (no winch) at the front, and tubular step-bumpers. Inside there is a locking console between the driver and passenger seats. Aftermarket wheels including full sized spare, comes with the set of 4 original wheels (with old old tires).

Parts repaired/replaced since 2019:
  • Windows motors
  • Batteries
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Radiator
  • Vaccum pump
  • Regulator
  • Some battery cables
  • Brake booster
  • Left Brake disc and caliper
  • New Brake pads
  • New Master Cylinder and RABS valve
  • Moog Drag links and Tie rods (with new wheel alignment)

Things I know that don't work
  • Drivers side electric door lock doesn't work, so you need to lock/unlock manually (passenger side works OK)
  • Charging is intermittent. It has a new regulator and new alternator, I think the problem lies in the harness (and it will start to work sometimes with some "wiggling" of wires). I have a new connector, but have not wired it in.
  • A/C doesn't seem to work
  • The rubber breather hose between the valve cover and air intake is cracked and leaks a little oil/vapor
  • Has dual tanks, one fuel gauge sender doesn't work, the other one does.
  • radio is intermittent

It was in a relatively low-speed (25mph) accident on 6/19/09. A car backed out in front of us, and we T-boned them. Most of the damage was limited to the winch mount/brush bar, with some slight hood damage, and also a dent in the front of the bed (from the load I was carrying). The truck was "totaled" as the repair costs exceeded the value (which was less than $4000 at the time, and hence the salvage title). I bought back the truck, replaced the winch mount with a new one, and went on to drive it for another 10+ years.

Startup video: