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I am new here so if I posted something incorrectly please let me know and I will correct it.

I am helping my father-in-law trouble shoot an issue with the dash cluster in his 1992 International 4900 with a DT466 coupled to a 7 speed manual transmission (International 6+).

He bought this truck back in 2014. Shortly after buying it he had issues with the dash lights turning on and off. This led to a wiring issue which is now solved. Fast forward 5 years and now there is another dash issue.

The speedometer stopped working a few months back and shortly after that the tach stopped working. After researching the web and talking to a few people it was decided that the dash cluster needed to be replaced.

He replaced the cluster with a reman cluster and now the tack runs backwords and the speedo still does not work. Contacted the place that the reman was bought and they said "that should not happen". They exchanged the cluster for another reman and the same thing is happening. The pins on the reman clusters were set to what the original cluster was.

He then called a local International repair shop and they said that the cluster that was in the truck is not the correct one (International part number 1689995P93). I attached pictures of the cluster.

I was wondering is this a wiring issue or could it be the sensors/sending units for the tach and speedo are bad and need to be replaced?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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