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Hello! I wanted to share my project, this is my first time posting in a forum. I have quite the project in the making and though I would share.

I have a 1993 Ford Bronco XLT Lariat w/factory 5.8L I purchased a year ago @ $500 w/ the title. I knew from the beginning that there was no way I wanted to invest in a 5.8L that gets horrible MPG's. I had gone back and forth on what engine I wanted to utilize in my rig build.







Image preview

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Then comes the 1986 6.9L IDI @ 87,000 mi.I know this seems low, but I am convinced that it truly is 87k for a few reasons (pictures below). First, the seat is in immaculate condition, and as most know when they rip on the drivers side 90% of the time the odometer has in fact rolled over. Second, the pedals show very little sign of wear. Third, The battery terminals/positive rubber shields look practically new. Fourth, there is almost no sludge on the engine, I can see the block with ease which is typically caked on (compared to my father in law's 6.9). I bought this vehicle not running. Got her home, hooked a strap the front bumper, pull started her with my good ole 1996 EFI 4.9l F150. She fired right up within 15" of pulling. :eek: Picked up the motor for $300





I knew there was no way I wanted a 4 speed transmission, so I sourced a local good ZF5 transmission. Picked this up for $300.

This truck will also be running on 90-100% waste motor oil, processed through a centrifuge (no expensive filters for debris removal). With use of WMO I will mount 2 CAT filters on the frame rail to ensure that the motor oil is free of debris, down to 1 micron.
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