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hey everyone, finally got the truck I've always wanted!

1993, F250, 7.3L, long box, 5 spd, 4x4, IDI, with a turbo and an electric fuel pump.

I had a few problems at the start where it would stall out on me, so I changed the fuel filter, added some diesel conditioner to the tanks and filled the fuel filter with diesel kleen (-25 in Edmonton this week so I think the old cold fuel was gummy) and it fixed it right up, and drove great for about 2 weeks.

my New problem.... when I get to 4th gear it sounds like the turbo temporarily stops sucking in air and stops spooling up, it looses power for about 5 seconds, but then I hear the turbo winding up and sucking in air. and it works fine after I get to hwy speeds and after I get past the 5 second lul of no power.

I plan on replacing most of the fuel system this summer as soon as it gets a bit warmer, but for now im hoping to do minimal work, any idea what this could be? im thinking maybe new injectors
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