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Hello All,

I just recently purchased my first powerstroke this weekend and am now trying to get it more or less drivable. When I bought it I knew the steering was very very loose so I spent the first 6 hours of my ownership replacing the steering box in the Autozone parking lot with assistance from the very very generous and helpful citizens of Graham, TX where I bought the truck. Replacing the box made it to where I could at least drive it the 4 hours home. However, driving around town I have noticed continued issues with the steering.

-Truck info: 1994.5 F350 7.3 Powerstroke, 4WD, Crew cab, long bed, 206700 miles

-Problem: Steering seems to stick and then unstick when turning left. Always in the same spot. I go about 360 degrees with the wheel and then it feels like I hit the stops but then it becomes free and I am able to turn past the point. The steering is still moderately loose but no more than you would expect in a 23 old truck.

-What I have tried so far: First thought was I did not properly bleed the powersteering fluid so I jacked the front axle up and turned stop to stop many times with engine running, no issues, binding feeling. The previous owner replaced the tie rods in an attempt to fix the loose steering so all of the ball joints are new (whether installed correctly or not? I am not sure).

-Theories: Bad steering box from autozone? Suspension binding while driving but not at a stand still? Have trash in the fluid?

I would appreciate any help you all can give me.

Thank you
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