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have no real clue on what my trucks issue is. i have a 96 f250 with 289k miles. stock injectors, stock hpop, superduty compressor wheel and a ts6. truck is my daily driver and i pull a 24' car trailer with it almost weekly. every morning i start this truck up after sitting for 10+ hours it runs like a swiss watch.
plenty of power, it loves to go. but after about 1.5 hrs of running or if i shut it off it runs like dogass. slight surge at idle, heavy surge/miss during hard acceleration starting from about 1200 rpm up until about 2700 and it smooths out. truck doesnt smoke alot, barely smokes on cold starts (if it does its for a minute max)

today i had a full diagnostic ran, and i came up with a couple codes. i ran a buzz test and all the injectors sounded healthy but i got these codes P0264 (injector #2 low circuit) and P1294 & P1293. next i took it for a drive and ran the piss out of it checking my ipr duty cycle and icp. duty cycle is about %50 at wot down the highway never saw it get over that. and my icp was ~3000- 3600 all the while im checking my map readings and theyre normal as well. at 20 psi of boost my map is reading ~34 which is normal right? 14lbs of atmosperic pressure plus 20 psi of boost. after i ran the piss out of it i ran a cylinder contribution test and it ended up throwing P0272 (cylinder #4) so im still lost. also regular codes read threw codes P0236 and P0237. any help is greatly appreciated i just want to figure out what the hell is going on with this truck.

as an update, i fired up the truck this morning with nothing really to do, and read codes and info while it was running right. duty cycle still stayed around 50% but i did see it get as high as 67% injection pressure was about 3800-4000 at wot and my map readings were way different. the map reading was at 29 lbs at about 19 lbs of boost on my mechanical gauge. came back and did a cylinder contribution test and threw codes for 1, 4, 5, 6, and P003c "camshaft profile control A performance/stuck off bank 1", and P0067 "Air assisted injector control circuit high" ran the CCT again and it only came up with cylinder 4 again. this truck has me all kinds of confused still


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