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1997 Fuel Sending Unit

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I'm sure this has been discussed in here but I have a 1997 F250 7.3 and I am having an issue with the truck idling rough and then it runs out of fuel. When I open the fuel bowel, there is no fuel. I know the 2000 model has two screens in the sending unit that usually get dirty and then they have poor performace. Does my 97 have the same sending unit with the screens? I am assuming this is why my truck idles rough and then cuts out. No fuel due to dirty screens.... Can some one verify my suspicion or am I wrong?

Don't want to drop the tank if I don't have those screens. Also, I have a full take of diesel!
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Thanks for the reply's. I just changed the fuel pump under the turbo thinking it was that...still dies. I haven't tried the other tank as I don't use it because the sending unit is bad and I don't know how much fuel is in it. I guess when I drop the tank I'll see if the screens are bad. Thanks for the input.
Well, I dropped the tank and pulled out the sending unit. These trucks DO NOT have the same screens like the 1999-2002 models. I have included pictures of the sending unit. It just has the one pick up screen that falls off like every ford sending unit.

My tank does have some trash in it, so I hoping that it's sucking up trash which is making my truck run out of diesel. Ill keep you posted just in case anyone else needs the info.

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Today I put on the new strainer that I got off amazon for $30. Cleaned out the tank the best I could. Installed the sending unit, Installed the tank and then filled the fuel bowel with diesel. Filled tank with diesel, about 1/2 tank.

Truck started up, got rid of the air and the truck idled smooth. I let it run for about 30 min and it ran great. Took it on a test drive around the block......began running rough again. I was able to get it to the shop and turned it off. Looked in the fuel bowel and it was empty!!! WTH?? WHY is the fuel bowl not filling up?? This is driving me nuts?

Being that this is a mechanical fuel pump and the plunger rides on the cam, is it plausible that my cam lob is flat and no longer pumping like it should? Anyone have an issue like this?
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