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1999 7.3 fuel bowl delete feed line

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Hi, I am new at this all information I have acquired has been from online..So I’m really in need of some help so i hope some one can help me!
i purchased the cnc 4 line kit and fuel bowl delete manifold I have in stalled it and but like I said I’m still learning…

My question is probably dumb but what the heck.. There is a black connector that screws in to the top of the regulator manifold that is replacing the fuel bowl. Am I suppose to connect the fuel feed line to it??Or where should I connect the fuel feed line?? if someone could help me this is our only truck and we need it to move and I can afford a mechanic any help would be appreciated please and thank u?
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I have not installed one but…, small feed line on driver’s side should go to front feed port. The back port would be the return port. Passenger side is opposite. With that taking up 4 ports on the manifold, does that leave you with just that black fitting, that it is larger than the rest? Is there a 5th smaller line port?
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