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Hello everyone! i have recently bought a 1999 F250 with the legendary 7.3 engine in it. i originally bought the truck for a parts truck for my 2001 F250 also with the 7.3 in it with 600,000 miles and counting on it. The truck had been owned by a guy who took exceptional care of the truck! i guess one day he just kicked back on ole grandpas cough syrup, and hit a tree on the passenger side. The damage was that the bed on that side of the truck was bent in and tore apart pretty good, but can easily be fixed by buying a new bed, the damage was also on both passenger side doors causing them to be crushed in pretty good, as well as the pillar separating the front and back door, again, the doors are easily fixable just buy buying new doors and a mirror, but i would have to replace the cab to do so because i think the cab is to far gone to try to be fixed, are the money i would spend trying to get the original cab fixed, i could buy a new one. so my question is, how do you remove the cab on the 1999 F250 that way i can put a new cab on and save me a bunch of money? any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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