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1999 F250 Transmission Problem

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We have a 99 F250 with an automatic transmission that has a hard shift in 3rd gear, only third gear and only up shifting. It has been serviced every year for the last three years and nothing every shows up in the transmission fluid it has also been hooked up to the scope numerous times at different dealerships and a transmission shop and no codes ever show up. There is nothing consistent about the hard shift other than the gear, it doesn't do it all the time going up hill, towing, under hard driving conditions. A torque converter problem has been suggested but ? Any ideas ?
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It's been quite a while since you posted this question, but my truck is the same year and I'm having the same thing happen (very hard upshift into 3rd gear). Feels like I got tapped by a faster moving vehicle from behind when it shifts into 3rd gear.
What did you have to do to yours to take care of the problem?
Thanks, Elslick
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