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New engine with new turbo, new glow plugs and relay ( which all test normal), new IPR, truck starts and runs rough in the morning for about 3-5 min, idles low then slowy speeds up and smoothes out and runs great all day, with start and stop fine all day, next morning same thing, every now and then it will run fine the next morning. also when cold out below 45 degrees same thing, unless you plug it in for about and hour prior to start then it runs fine, or whenever you plug it in it runs fine, no white smoke when cold or warm, or running rough or smooth? Sump oil full and new, also top reservior also full need help on where to go next? We bought this truck with a bad motor rebuilt it and this problem came with it, injectors were replace by ford prior to us getting it and high volume oil pump tests ok with snap on scanner.

trouble codes with hypertech programmer ( never installed on truck)

P0237, P1247, p1249, p0001, p1aee, p0008

Any ideas on where to go next would be great

Thanks Gary
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