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I'm like a sponge for knowledge in anticipation of picking up our new to us 2004 motor home with a DD Series 60 - 500 HP.

My understand is that the dealer (where we're buying it from) has already changed all of the fluids as "a standard operating procedure" for ever coach that they buy on trade or get on consignment. Therefore I cannot get an engine analysis of any value.

One of the immediate changes/upgrades I'll do upon picking up this rig is to install the Ugly Fix - Detroit Diesel Series 60 EGR Performance Module Delete kit - EGR Performance Module | The Ugly Fix. I searched this forum to determine if this is a definite quality upgrade or wishful thinking. Supposedly all that it does is bypass the EGR and is sold as a "Performance Module Delete kit." Nothing found on this forum.

If I'm wrong and there is a thread to this, please advise. If not, I'm interested in hearing from those that have installed this and what their OPINIONS are?

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