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2 Engine Stutters in 1 day! It's a sign of . . . . . ?

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The first time the engine stuttered on my 2002 7.3 was this morning on the highway. I eased off of the pedal (my cruise is broken) as I started down a grade. The engine stuttered and then acted as if nothing happened.

The second time it happened was when I was working the throttle and clutch to start from a stop in first gear. It stuttered, I let off, it resumed operation, and I went at it again successfully.

I installed a DP Tuner 6 position chip about 3 weeks ago, and was in the 80 Econo setting at the time. A recent scan has shown that my clutch switch is defective, which is why my cruise control doesn't work.
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I had the same thing start happening on my truck and thought it might have been the CPS but most of what I read said the CPS is dead or good not intermittent. It did it once and a while then I noticed it did it with the clutch in between shifts and the engine just fell to idle and threw a code. It was the TPS, I was able to order one from a Ford dealer selling wholesale online, under a $100, ten minutes to put in. Local dealer wanted $85 to read the code, $185 for the part and 2 hours at $95 an hour to put it in. Autozone read and cleared the code for free. My CPS did go about 30,000 miles later and it didn't go all at once, it would hesitate but with the standard the momentum of the truck would start it back up. Had time to order one online and install it in the driveway.
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